The City

Can you imagine yourself in an old city with moor like roads, clear beaches and at the same time offering you the comfort of modern times? Albufeira is a city just like this!

Albufeira is one of the oldest cities in the Algarve. Its name derives from Arab and means “Sea Castle”, as it occupies the centre of the region.

In older times it was a fishing village and artists, painters, poets and writers fell in love with it. Albufeira has become one of the most popular and visited tourist centres in the South of Europe.

It is modern, beautiful, active and attractive yet respectful of its heritage, its history and its traditions.

Albufeira has a lot to offer, in the summer with its sunshine, entertainment and fun and in the winter with its warm weather, amazing tastes to discover and unique places to visit.

During the whole year round you can find excellent hotels, with good service and professionalism.

If on the coast, in the old part of the city, you can relive remote times crossed with modern ones, as you go into the interior you will find a strong personality that has been traced and you will also discover that Albufeira is more than just sea.

A destination that once visited is contagious and unforgettable.